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How to Deal with Belkin Router IP Address Not Working Issue?’

If Belkin router IP address not working, then the best alternative available is to change the Belkin router IP address. To change the Belkin router IP address, here’s what you have to do:

  • Start by logging in to the router settings page. To start with, proceed to the internet and enter the Belkin router IP address. Search for From the login page, user username and password. If you have already logged in, then skip the step.

  • In this step, change the private IP address of the Belkin router. After logging in, LCD display screen will show the status. From the left panel, select the LAN settings. In the IP address field, enter the new IP address.

  • After entering the new IP address, tap to apply changes button.

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  • Mark Watson
  • Nov 22 2021
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