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What exactly is Salesforce?

Cloud Computing Technologies has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years. Salesforce is one such technology that has made a huge impact on the computing world. This blog will introduce Salesforce to you and answer the question: What is Salesforce? Salesforce: Why should you use it? Salesforce is being used where? Why are companies looking for Salesforce Certification professionals? Salesforce Course in Pune

How it All Begone?

Prior to Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) were hosted on the company's server. Imagine the time and cost it took companies to get their CRM software. It used to take months, if not years, to set up the CRM solution. The cost was often in the millions. They were difficult to use even after they were set up. What is the solution? You have probably guessed it: building a low-cost CRM software that can be delivered online as a service. This was the core idea behind Salesforce. Salesforce was founded as a Software as a Service (SaaS), and has since grown to be the fifth largest software company in the globe.

What made Salesforce an instant hit?

Cloud Computing is the answer. Salesforce was not about having a better product for a fraction of its cost. It was about replacing the long installation process and moving everything onto the internet.

Salesforce: What does it mean?

Salesforce was founded as a Software as a Service (SaaS CRM) company. Salesforce offers a variety of software solutions, as well as a platform that allows users and developers to create and distribute custom software. uses multi-tenant architecture. Multiple customers can share the same technology, and they all use the most recent release. The application and infrastructure upgrades are done automatically so you don't need to worry about them. This allows your company to focus on innovation and not technology management.

The benefits of salesforce:

  • Salesforce offers the fastest way from Idea to App, as shown in the above image. Salesforce tools allow you to focus on building your app, instead of building the infrastructure and tools. This will save you thousands of dollars and years of effort.

  • Customers of Salesforce generally agree that Salesforce is unique because of three main reasons:

    • Fast - Traditional CRM software can take over a year to deploy. Salesforce takes months, if not weeks.

    • Salesforce wins the easy-to-use category easily. It's easier to put it to work than it is to figure it out.

    • Salesforce is highly effective because it is simple to use and can be tailored to fit business needs.

  • Salesforce is available in the cloud so that your team can access it from any location with internet access.

  • Your business may be changing if it is in a rapidly changing environment or a company that has been around for many years. Salesforce can scale to your success.

  • Salesforce seamlessly integrates to third-party apps. Salesforce seamlessly integrates with third-party apps. However, integration with other CRMs can be difficult.

  • Salesforce is very affordable considering its many capabilities. Salesforce is affordable for startups and small businesses.

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Statistics that will help you choose Salesforce

Salesforce had more than 150,000 customers around the globe as of May 2016. Salesforce holds a 19.7% market share in CRM. The closest competitors are Oracle (9.1%), SAP (12.1%), and Microsoft (6.2%). Salesforce AppExchange has over 2,700 apps. This has resulted in more than 3 million installs. More than 70% Salesforce customers use AppExchange-listed applications. Many companies today are either developing on Salesforce platform or migrating to Salesforce. This has led to a rise in demand for Salesforce administrators and developers. Salesforce Architect is currently one of the most sought-after skills on a tech resume.

What are the Services and Products Salesforce Offers?

Salesforce is a collection of services and products. It is important to understand the various features and times you can use them. Salesforce allows you to access many products and services across the Cloud, Mobile, and Social domains. Below is an illustration that illustrates the various services and products Salesforce offers its customers.

Salesforce Use Case

As we have seen, Salesforce is being used by many companies to solve problems and increase productivity. Let's now look at how Hindustan Computer Limited used Salesforce to address its business problems.

  • HCL needed to adapt to changing business needs. HCL needed to solve the problem by implementing, integrating, and migrating to a new salesforce application (SFA - software which automates business tasks). This was in addition to their previous.NET SFA.

  • HCL wanted to solve the data redundancy issues and inconsistency that multiple applications can cause.

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HCL decided to use to solve the business problems. HCL reviewed and concluded that it satisfied their needs in terms of security, governance, collaboration, and integration with other applications.

Lead Management module - HCL used Salesforce's standard solution for lead capture, assignment, qualification and conversion. They created a customized solution to capture leads from outside sources and screen leads to avoid duplication.

Account Management module - HCL implemented a custom solution to define business logic for real time search for customer accounts and manage data flow.

Contact Management module - HCL utilized the Salesforce standard contact management module, activity management, and created a custom solution to manage data flow after account conversion.

Opportunity Management module - HCL utilized the standard Salesforce opportunity module to create a custom solution that allowed for manual product pricing, adding products to opportunity and allowing for discount approvals for opportunity products.

Integration with Other Applications - Salesforce was able to be integrated with ODS, SAP, BI, and other third party applications using AppExchange and custom Web Service APIs.

HCL successfully implemented Salesforce1 Sales Cloud within four months, with 92% user acceptance. Four months is a short time for a program that impacted more than 6200 users in 14 countries. Integration with third-party applications was a breeze, increasing productivity by 3-4%. HCL was able validate data using Salesforce. They were able to attain an amazing 90% accuracy in their master database.

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